Is your work sporadic, peppered by interruptions, notifications, and other distractions constantly as you pick one project up and set it down to work on another?

That is not multitasking. That is “controlled” chaos.

Providing financial advice to clients is a profession that will never be obsolete. But mediocre financial advising will be… and soon!

If you don’t “Surge,” then you are choosing to be inefficient, and that is an incredible disservice to you, your family, and your clients.


Let's be real. Your work day is most likely chaotic, sporadic, and distracted.

You go through tons of emails, social media posts, podcasts, webinars… and the gamification of all of these platforms is designed to do one thing and one thing only: hijack your productivity.

You constantly feel pulled in a million directions, stretched too thin to be everything to everyone, and every time there is something still missing.

You know that everything we are talking about here is one giant attention trap you are falling for.
Are you ready to make a change?
Surge is focused, deep work that liberates Financial Advisors and Delivers Massive Value to your clients.
Surge Scheduling will allow you to be a better:
  • Financial Advisor
  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • ​Person
Setting up a surge schedule for your office is the most powerful step you can immediately take to increase your effectiveness while being 100% intentional in providing the best value possible.
Why surge scheduling matters?

We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day, but successful advisors are strategic in how they use their office time.

Successful advisors follow proven, easy-to-follow processes, making them four times more valuable.

Incorporating surge scheduling as a Financial Advisor allows you to provide advice that we all know is critical to a person’s long-term wealth when you are at your peak ability to do so.

"Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate."

– Cal Newport


Module #1: WHAT IS SURGE?

Understand the surge mentality and the benefits it unlocks for you and your clients, allowing you to spend more time out of the office.


Surge meetings require a different level of preparation since you are hyper-focused on delivering massive value while having multiple appointments per day.


This is show time. This module teaches you what to do and what not to do during your surge weeks. As well as the things we learned and improved after running surge meetings for years.

Module #4: POST SURGE

Now that the office got quieter after the last meeting, it is important to revisit what worked and what didn't during surge. This module will show you how to utilize a technique to improve your next surge meeting season even better.


This module gives you all the templates, letters, and forms we use to run our surge meetings so you don't have to reinvent the wheel and can start delivering massive value from your first surge.


It is not too late to realize all the joy, happiness, and freedom you thought starting a financial advisor practice would offer you. But unfortunately, too many Financial Advisors believe that they can only justify their fees by being compulsory in their work. They’re addicted to thinking they must work 12, 14, 16 hours a day – 80+ hours a week.

“Always working” makes you a lousy Financial Advisor, spouse, parent, and person.

You can change this by implementing Surge Scheduling. Run your ideal practice without neglecting your family, and spend significant time unplugged from your office without sacrificing business growth or client happiness.

Double your revenue AND reduce the time you spend in the office by 50% or more.

You heard us. Double your revenue and spend half the time working to generate that wealth.
If you want to achieve excellence in all aspects of your life, you have to learn how to Surge so that you
can become a better:
  • Financial Advisor: deep, cognitively focused work.
  • Husband / Wife: intentional time with the person you vowed to love.
  • Person: philanthropy, fitness, health, education.
  • Disciple: focus on your faith and spiritual growth.
  • ​​Parent: be the person you want your kids to grow up and become.
  • Financial Advisor: deep, cognitively focused work.
  • Husband / Wife: intentional time with the person you vowed to love.
  • Person: philanthropy, fitness, health, education.
  • Disciple: focus on your faith and spiritual growth.
  • ​​Parent: be the person you want your kids to grow up and become.
You have to be so focused, deliberate, and intentional about your time that excellence finds you.


Benjamin Brandt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Founder/President of Capital City Wealth Management, a Bismarck, North Dakota fee-only financial planning company. He is also the host of the popular podcast Retirement Starts Today Radio and the accompanying blog as well as a co-host of the Retirement Tax Podcast. Benjamin is a long time friend with Matt and Micah, a fellow advisor and one of the first INVICTUS Members.

More about Ben:
  • 40 under 40 by Investment News 
  • #9 Most influential advisor in the country by Investopedia (2021)
  • ​Work roughly 20 hours/week when in the office, AND take off over 100 days per year (plus weekends), while running a highly profitable practice (65% EBOC) all while hand-on parenting six energetic children.
  • ​$100M in assets by his 40th birthday
  • ​​#2 retirement podcast 40-50K downloads/month (>7k downloads/episode)


If after 1-year post implementing everything from the masterclass, you didn't manage to get at least 30 days off during the year, we will schedule a 30-minute call with you and discuss your results. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund half of the cost of the course. Reason? Half of the responsibility is ours, but the other half is up to you!


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