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What do the "Nicest Jerks" in the industry know
 About prospecting?

 Everything you don't. 

No wonder you aren't getting hired as often as they are.
After meeting with hundreds of Financial Advisors across the country, they pinpointed the Top 5 Mistakes Financial Advisors make with Prospects.

Do you have an eligible Prospect waitlist?

The top 1% of Financial Advisors do.

May 18th, 2022 I 9:00 AM PST
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Find out what 5 Mistakes are made OVER AND OVER again in the financial planning industry 
during this Power Session with Matthew Jarvis, CFP® and Micah Shilanski, CFP®

can't Shut up about 


Can you do the same?

Micah Shilanski,  CFP® and Matthew Jarvis,  CFP® have made every mistake when it comes to prospecting, marketing, delivering massive value, running a team, playing office and anything else you could do to sabotage success. 

Long before they met each other via & they were each deep in debt, hiding under their respective desks, desperately trying to avoid ANOTHER ‘NO!’ from what few prospects they had!
Today they are recognized around the world as two of the best ‘lifestyle’ advisors, who in addition to their own successes with Shilanski and Associates (SAAI) and Jarvis Financial (JFS), have coached hundreds of advisors to similar levels of success.

Are you where you want to be professionally?

Have you reached the pinnacle of your success? 

If so, this Power Session isn't right for you.  

This Power Session is only for Advisors that are looking to Deliver Massive Value to clients, spend more time out of the office with the people that they love, and run a highly profitable practice.

We have met with hundreds of Advisors from across the country and have assessed that there are 5 Mistakes that are repeatedly made.

The cost of these mistakes is significant:

*Limited growth,
*Clients leaving,
*Uncommitted prospects,
*Reputation damage.

Once you realize what these 5 Mistakes are, you will be able to actively AVOID making them.  

Even Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski have made these mistakes - find out which one that Matt didn't even realize until he was called out on it by someone else! 

In true The Perfect RIA fashion, Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski will not just tell you what the mistakes are but they will give you actionable advice on how you can take steps towards avoiding the mistakes and what to do instead.

While knowing your mistakes might be the first step to recovery, all success comes from ACTION! In this Power Session, Matt and Micah will also be sharing, in ‘Rip-Off-And-Deploy’ fashion, not only the action steps to correct these mistakes, but the exact scripts, templates, processes and documents they use to help prospects:


Get ready to not only LEARN from the best, but more importantly, IMPLEMENT what will work in your own practice.

Oh, and back by popular demand from our members, we will be kicking off another challenge this year.  Our $100k growth challenge produced such overwhelming results that we were asked to up the anti this time! 

Do What Works

No B.S. from "Industry Experts" that have never once sat with a 
prospect or client in a meeting. 

Real advice from real advisors. 

Learn how to Actively Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Advisors Make with Prospects. 

We spoke with hundreds of Advisors from across the country and found that most, made these mistakes - we know we did at one point in our careers! 

>> Prospecting Content delivered by Matthew Jarvis, CFP® and Micah Shilanski, CFP®.
>> How to answer questions from Prospects like, "Vanguard does this for less, don't they?".
>> What Prospects should receive as a deliverable.
>> Obliterate Fee Compression Head Trash.
>> The most tried and proven method to close prospect appointments. 
Only Attend If You Are Committed To
⭐Delivering Massive Value to        Clients/Prospects
⭐Doing What Works
⭐Throwing Out the Head Trash
⭐Solving for Joy


We’ve all sat through presentations where self-proclaimed ‘experts’ lay out their ‘brilliant’ strategies for getting more clients, only to discover that these experts have never met with a Prospect, never closed a client and never Delivered Massive Value!

How about the ‘experts’ that tell you to ask the client for 5 names of people you can contact for a 2nd opinion!?!
How about the ‘experts’ who tell you to guilt-trip or even threaten your Centers of Influences if they don’t give you referrals?!?

At The Perfect RIA, we ONLY share strategies, systems, processes and scripts that have been proven, again and again. This isn't amateur hour. 

Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski have built respective multi-million dollar practices and developed systems that can be instantly used in your practice to help you achieve the same success.

Knowing about better processes and systems doesn't matter though - does it?  

Just because you watch Bruce Lee perform martial arts in movies, doesn’t mean you can take on Chuck Norris! Knowing what Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski actually DO is infinitely more valuable than the dreams of ‘experts."

In this power session, you will learn what Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski actually do to achieve this level of success.  The best part?  Their processes, systems and scripts have been duplicated in hundreds of practices through the Advisors that they coach.   

Oh and if that wasn't enough, they will specify what you can do to add $250,000 of new revenue in the next 12 months!

Matthew Nelson, CFP®

“Mastermind group trips with TPR are nothing like the typical boring business trip. You get to combine the best part of networking with a peer group of A+ advisors business owners with planned fun events you’ll actually enjoy. I learned a lot and had an excellent time meeting new friends in the process.”

Brian Hanks, CFP®

"As a result of TPR Masterminds, I increased my fee and collected tens of thousands of dollars more than I would have.”

Jamie Dawson, CFP®

“I realized long ago that to be successful I needed to surround myself with great people who put great ideas into action. It’s been a pleasure learning from some of the best in the business at TPR LIVE, and making lifelong friends while we’re at it!”


Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski love sharing stories about other Advisors success but the real question is, WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Are you ready to take strides towards success for yourself?

If you invest in this Power Session, if you attend and if you engage, we guarantee the following:
  • Identify and correct the 5 Mistakes keeping you from getting new clients
  • Clear action items in each of these areas
  • 'Rip-off-and-deploy’ systems you can implement today
  • ​Access to multiple systems, samples, processes and templates
  • Learn what is really working, in real practices, right now
  • ​Answers to your specific questions
We have 3 Tenets that each Member of the Nation MUST subscribe to:
1. Deliver Massive Value. 2. Spend More Time Out of the Office with Family. 3. Build a Highly Profitable Practice. 
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