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With an average of 50,000 monthly downloads, The Perfect RIA podcast seeks to help Financial Advisors create a practice that delivers massive value to clients, operates with hyper effectiveness and one that allows them to enjoy time out of the office. More specifically, The Perfect RIA provides education and experience on delivering massive value to allow advisors to charge above-average fees, have systems that deliver a return on time north of $1,000 an hour, and balance this with spending multiple months each year living a life of passion. This is not theory, but rather systems that have been proven again and again to create The Perfect RIA.

Guest Appearances

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Systematizing How To ‘Deliver Massive Value’ To Charge What You’re Really Worth, with Matthew Jarvis

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Adapting The 4-Hour Work Week Into A Highly Profitable 4-Month Work Year Lifestyle Practice, with Micah Shilanski

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The Perfect RIA is a financial advising education, coaching, and development platform. Our team works with Financial Advisors to show them how they can deliver massive value to their clientele. We do this to ensure they reach unprecedented profitability while saving critical time they can now spend with their friends and family.
The entire goal is to help Financial Advisors achieve the practice and lifestyle they actually want.

The Perfect RIA Founders

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, ChFC

In 2020 Matthew’s firm, Jarvis Financial, ended the year with ~$1.5M in revenue on just shy of $200M of AUM and a 50%+ profit margin (EBOC), all while taking some 250+ ‘free days’ (days when he did not work). While this puts him at the pinnacle of ‘lifestyle firms’, it was a long and hard journey.
Just 10 years prior Jarvis was buried in debt, with a badly struggling practice and a morning routine of trying to figure out how to quit the industry without looking like a failure. Through several turns of fate (including an opportunity to be coached by one of the industry’s most successful advisors, Tom Gau), Jarvis clawed his way from near failure to the top of the industry. Today, in addition to running his ‘incredibly profitable and successful’ practice, Jarvis teaches other advisors how to duplicate his own success in their practice.

When not running his practice or coaching advisors (i.e. on his 250 free days each year), Jarvis can be found traveling with his family around the world (including a 6-month boat trip), mountain biking, dirt biking or doing crazy adventures with Micah.

Matthew’s book Delivering Massive Value, outlines a system you can actually replicate to increase your business's efficiency, attract more A-level clients, and build the practice of your dreams.

Micah Shilanski, CFP®

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, is a financial planner who achieves the ‘impossible’. Micah is recognized as a leader in the concept of lifestyle design for financial planners and has spoken at conferences across the country.

What’s different about Micah? While other experts can talk about lifestyle practices for financial planners – Micah lives it. Micah currently takes more than 6 months out of the office a year, yet continues to grow his practice by at least 20% each year.
How can he do this? Micah is intently focused on delivering massive value to his clients. He is continually looking for ways to help and better serve his clients year after year. He is always looking for ways to make his office run more efficiently – and he is relentless in improving the use of his time. Micah is considered one of the top experts in his niche of financial planning – federal retirement benefits. He enjoys finding new ways to leverage technology to serve his clients and educate the public.
Micah is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping federal employees understand their benefits. He has created an online program that walks federal employees through creating their own financial plan. Micah is also the author of “The Best Kept Secret in CSRS”, an e-book on a unique federal benefit.

Micah is a lifelong Alaskan, an Eagle Scout, a private pilot with his own bush plane and an avid outdoorsman. Micah also enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and children.

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