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Sick and tired of self-proclaimed experts who do nothing but talk about how great they are?
If "Industry Experts" were so good, then why aren't they SHOWING you:
  * How they raised their fees?
  * What their Gross Revenue is?
  * How they close IDEAL prospects?
  * How many active clients they have?
  * How do they handle client objections?
  * Their annual profitability year over year?
  * How many vacations they take each year?

They cannot show you because they are not doing it.


It is time for "Industry Experts" to put up or, 
shut up. 

What if instead of doing what some experts HOPE will work, 
you could be mentored by a team of real world financial advisors who are living your dream practice every day? 

Ready to Build Your Ideal Financial Planning Practice?

We Did It.

So Can You.

Micah Shilanski, CFP®
Shilanski and Associates Inc.
  • AUM: $200M+
  • 2020 REV: $3,600,000
  • 2021 REV: $4,670,000
  • Vacation Days: 8 months annually
  • Rev per hour works: $2,000+
  • Average New AUM: $20M+
  • Team Size: 13 (including Micah)
  • ​Super Powers: Master of eMail Delegation, Niche Marketing, 5-Month Long Waiting List for Prospects, Custom Built Technology stack, Buckets Report which is a better report than Guardrails. 

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®
Jarvis Financial Inc.
  • AUM: $200M+
  • 2020 REV: $1,900,000
  • 2021 REV: $1,500,000
  • Vacation Days: 6 months annually
  • Rev per hour works: $1,000+
  • Average New AUM:  $10M to $20M
  • Team Size: 4 (including Matt)
  • ​Super Powers: Never works Fridays, 6-month boat trip, Guardrails & One Page Plans which are superior to "Buckets" reporting, Master of Optimizing Center of Influence Relationships that lead to Prospects.

Ready for One-on-One Coaching, 
Strategies for Success you can Immediately Implement AND a Technology Platform that provides you with Value Adds 
you can deliver to clients?

Keep Your BD Leaders Club Card In Your Pocket.

We only measure real success here.

We focus on Effectiveness, Value, Prospecting and Profitability.  

Here is what a few our Members shared that they have accomplished since joining TPR:

"20% Growth in Revenue Year over Year."

"Added $100,000 in Net Profit within 4 Months."

"Implemented Surge Appointments so me, my team and my clients can experience the benefits of 
"Deep Work" and hyper focus during meetings."

"Every quarter I know what Value Adds I am delivering to clients."

"Increased my fees and learned how to have those conversations with clients."

"Graduated (fired!) clients that I dreaded working with."

"Developed processes that my entire team knows how to follow."

"Spent more time connecting with my wife and kids; really being present when we were together 
and not feeling guilty about not being in the office."

"Identified my head trash and learned tools to move past it - getting out of my own way!"

“A highly profitable, hyper-efficient, lifestyle practice”

  - Michael Kitces

How You Will Double Your Success

  • ​2x MY Effectiveness. Recognize and stop "playing office." Learn how to ensure the work that you are doing is intentional and focused. Determine your hourly rate (we will help you define that!) and ask yourself if every task you do is worth your rate? Becomes so hyper-focused on being effective in all aspects of your life.
  • ​​​2x Your Value to Clients. Deliver Value Adds each quarter that reinforces and solidifies your relationship with them. Become immune to "fee compression" because the Value you provide clients with is so exceptional that they know you are worth the premium fee.
  • ​​​2x Your Prospecting. Increase your revenue and onboard clients that you want to work with. Graduate (fire!) clients you know are not a good fit and make room for the people you know you can and want to help.
  • 2x Profitability. We will walk you through how to calculate your Earnings Before Owner Compensation (EBOC) so that you can finally know how profitable you are. Then walk through what you need to do to 2x your Profitability. 

Yeah right. We achieve the impossible every single day.  

We do what others say cannot be done because we choose to work with like minded Financial Advisors. 

Are you one of them?
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You Have a Choice To Make.
If you are ready to get serious about transforming 
not only your Financial Advisory practice but your entire LIFE, 
It's time you decide which path you want to go down. 

We have 2 Memberships for you to choose from.

Option #1 
INVICTUS Memberships Appropriate for Advisors who are deeply committed to doubling their success as quickly as possible. 

This Membership is best for Advisors who are ready to take action, do not want to reinvent the wheel and are going to commit to learning, coaching, master minds and implementing strategies for success NOW.

No wimps allowed. It's a tough club.

  • Quarterly 1 on 1 calls with Micah, Matt and our other rock star advisors to create a custom tailored Mountain Map journey on how you can personally double your success.
  • Monthly 1 on 1 accountability & coaching with our team.
  • Access to the same Value Add Toolkit used by Matt & Micah in their own offices to generate: Tax Projections, Beneficiary Value Add, Retirement Income Guardrails (yes THOSE guardrails), 1099 letters.  
  • ​Invitations to Matt & Micah's exclusive in-person Masterminds (Next event Dec 8-11th in Arizona).
  • ​Practice audit and benchmarking.
  • ​INCLUDED: BackStage Pass membership, which includes hundreds of videos, templates, samples, resources and our members only ‘ask us anything’ forum.
  • ​BONUS: ‘Essentials’ membership to Retirement Tax Services which includes dozens of resources for delivering massive value in tax planning.
*Please note: we are only accepting new INVICTUS members until 10/19/2021, 11:59 PM PST. Once your application is approved, our team will spend 3-6 weeks gathering all your information so that mid-November you can hit the ground running with Micah & Matt.*

It only makes sense to join INVICTUS if the value we can deliver is equal 10x your investment. 

How much is the investment? 
$12,000 ($1,197 if paid monthly). 

In other words, INVICTUS must deliver $100k+ to your practice.
Option #2 
BackStage Pass Membership is best suited for Advisors who are really good at taking an example of what works and duplicating it for use in their own practice, by themselves.

Also best suited for Advisors who are not quite ready to make a substantial investment in their success yet.

This Membership is self-guided so you will have access to the advisory forums and powerful Value Adds but you will have to replicate them yourself. 

  • Quarterly Power Sessions by Matt and Micah on how you can implement strategies they're using NOW with clients and prospects.
  • ​Recorded Power Sessions on all aspects of DOUBLING your practice success including: $100k of new revenue Challenge, One Page Plan Series, Guardrails Series, Raising Fees and theProspect Process.
  • Hundreds of templates, samples, scripts, processes and systems used by Micah & Matt in their own practices.
  • Spot coaching with our team via email and our members only forum.
  • ​Access to the Financial Advisor forum where you can network and strategize with Advisors like you, committed to sucess.
Similar to INVICTUS, we will only be accepting new BackStage Pass memberships for 2021 until 10/19/2021, 11:59 PM PST. 

The investment? 
$3,564 ($335 if paid monthly).
OUR GUARANTEE: If in the first 3-months we haven’t delivered value that you believe is worth $100k+, we will gladly refund your entire investment.
We have 3 Tenets that each Member of the Nation MUST subscribe to:
1. Deliver Massive Value. 2. Spend More Time Out of the Office with Family. 3. Build a Highly Profitable Practice. 
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