How To Run Masterminds
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Masters of Masterminds
Matthew Jarvis, CFP®
Jarvis Financial 
“My last two fee increases were the direct result of masterminds”
Micah Shilanski, CFP®
Shilanski and Associates, Inc.
“The extreme accountability from Masterminds has transformed my practice, again.”
Benjamin Brandt, CFP®
Capital City Wealth Management
“I never miss a chance to attend a Mastermind”
What You'll Learn...
Secret #1: Why the best masterminds are nothing like industry conferences
At a conference, you can hide in the back and make a list of things you might someday implement. At a mastermind, you leave with a plan for actually implementing new ideas and the motivation (fear?) to make it happen.
Secret #2: The top 5 mistakes masterminds make
Lots of masterminds fizzle out due to a couple of common mistakes, including making them too affordable.
Secret #3: The single most important element of a mastermind
Hint: At one recent mastermind it nearly left an advisor dead. But seriously, we’ll show you the pictures.

Seating is Limited! Grab Yours Now!

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