Are you wondering how we prepare for Client Surge Meetings?
Get the tools you need to succeed during your next surge with our 
Client Meeting Template. We will also provide you with access to video training 
where we walk throughhow to use this template to deliver massive value.
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The Client Meeting Template will cover...

✅ How to create an experience where clients feel like a priority and that you truly know and care for them.
​✅ How to eliminate a last-minute rush before your surge meetings.

​✅ Detailed instructions for your team on what to prepare for the advisor prior to the meetings.

​✅ The one-page document you need to unlock your capacity in order to hold back-to-back meetings and Deliver Massive Value!

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1. Deliver Massive Value. 2. Spend More Time Out of the Office with Family. 3. Build a Highly Profitable Practice. 
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