The Financial Advisor's Guide To A Highly Profitable, 
Hyper-Efficient Practice
"If all the practice consultants and marketing experts have such great ideas to share, 
why aren't they using them to run their own successful practices?"

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®

"A Must Read For Any Financial Advisor!"

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Important concepts to master when creating a business and a life you love
Once again Matthew Jarvis does not disappoint. If you haven't listened to his Kitces podcast episodes, and his Perfect RIA podcast, please do. The ideas he talks through are critical to taking your business and your life to new levels. Following his advice I've cut my hours in half in the last few years, delegated email and improved my client experience while doubling my revenue and profits. His system works. This is a must read. 
- Tanya Nichols
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The best book I've read on building and improving my RIA!
The author clearly operates out of the abundance mindset in sharing not just tips or generic advice you can find in any other book, but instead opens up the inner workings of his own successful RIA. I couldn't put this book down and finished in a couple days and it ran my highlighter dry. Now I got to get to work implementing these ideas in my firm.
- Donovan
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Great advice on maximizing the value of your firm!
Having been in the investment management/advice business for over 25 years I thought I had experienced everything in the business.  I would say that this book has opened my eyes to new ways of organizing my business  to really focus on the double win of adding value for your clients and also your business objectives. Whether you are new to running a practice or someone like me who wants to move to a new way of doing things this book is a must read. 
- Miguel DaPonte
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"A Great Investment In Your Practice!"

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Finally, a book that offers not ideas but proven strategies for transforming any financial planning practice into a highly effective value-delivering machine. Practicing advisor Matthew Jarvis CFP® uses these exact strategies to run his own wildly successful financial planning firm. Delivering Massive Value outlines a system you can actually replicate to increase your business's efficiency, attract more A-level clients, and build the practice of your dreams.

You'll find:

  • Client scripts your team can use today
  • ​The trials and tribulations of Jarvis' rise to success 
  • ​Simple but powerful ways to consistently offer your clients more value
  • ​Everything the "investment gurus" won't tell you about what really works
  • ​+ Bonus Content with enormously beneficial information and action items 
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But Hey - Don't Take Our Word For IT!

See What Others Are Saying About "Delivering Massive Value"

Taylor Shulte,  CFP®

"Before meeting Jarvis in 2017 and learning his strategy for surge meetings, I didn't think I could take on even a single additional client. I was already working around the clock, doing everything myself. Surge meetings, along with a lot of hard work, laid the foundation for tripling my revenue in three years and gaining control of my business."

Michael Kitces,  CFP®

"What's unique about Matthew is his ongoing focus on increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of his firm first by systematizing his business processes in order to deliver even more value to his clients...and then raising his fees so that he's fairly compensated for the greater, more systematized value that he now delivers."

A Note From The Author

About The Illusions 

To Head Trash: 
For almost  getting me to scrap this book

There is sometimes an illusion that successful people (however you define that term) are somehow exempt from having head trash. After all, with so much success under their belt, surely they no longer worry about failure. 

Right? ...Wrong!

Just over a year ago, my finger hovered above the “approve” button for my book, Delivering Massive Value. If I’m being honest with you, I was pretty sure nobody would buy it and if somebody did buy it, they’d call it a pile of crap, I’d be ostracized from the industry, all my clients would fire me, and as a result of the bankruptcy it caused, my family would leave me and I’d be pushing a shopping cart full of unsold books around town offering to financial plan for food.

Thankfully with the help of my coaches, mastermind peers, and my family, I pushed through this head trash and sent the book to the printer. Within months and without a paid marketing campaign, it became a bestselling book in our industry, with near universal praise from hundreds of advisors, including from Michael Kitces, who recommended it on his summer 2022 reading list, and Nick Murray, who recommended it to his subscribers (of which I’ve been one nearly my entire career).

I share all this because despite my success as an advisor, author, podcaster, coach to advisors, husband, father, and friend, like you, I still struggle with head trash and my success, like yours, is totally dependent on each of our abilities to push past the monster under the bed known as head trash and do what has to be done!

Happy Planning!
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Here's What You'll Discover In The Book

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:
  • Chapter 1: Know Whom to Trust
  • Chapter 2: Implement Client Meeting Surges
  • Chapter 3: Fire PITAs (and Other Clients Bringing Down Your Bottom Line)
  • Chapter 4: Raise Your Fees and Charge What You’re Worth
  • Chapter 5: Empower Your People: Cultivating a Team of Rockstars
  • Chapter 6: Post-it Note Your Business Plan
  • Chapter 7: Why Investments Don’t Matter
  • Chapter 8: Delegate Anything < $1,000/Hour
  • Chapter 9: Scrap Your Elevator Pitch
  • Chapter 10: Craft the Prospect Process
  • Chapter 11: Plan Your Marketing Calendar
  • Chapter 12: Getting Clients through Networking
  • Chapter 13: Choose Your Niche: Picking a Battle You Can Win
  •   Chapter 14: Prospecting Events
  •   Chapter 15: Working with the Media
  •   Chapter 16: Leverage Your Centers of Influence
  •   Chapter 17: Actually Getting Client Referrals
  •   Chapter 18: The One-Page Financial Plan
  •   Chapter 19: Delivering Massive Value in Every Client         Meeting
  •   Chapter 20: Staying on Track with Retirement Guardrails
  •   Chapter 21: Tax Planning
  •   Chapter 22: Responsive, Not Reactive
  •   Chapter 23: Quarterly Value-Adds
  •   Bonus Chapter: How to Transition Clients to a Junior   Advisor
  •   Epilogue: Will This Year Be Your “Best Year Ever”?


  • New dedication in memory of Tom Gau, with a link to three-plus hours of never-before-seen footage of Tom’s best material.
  • More than 30 videos answering the most often asked questions, sharing real-life examples, providing step-by-step instruction on implementing processes, and guiding you in using provided checklists.
  • Over 35 Templates, Checklists, Procedures & Scripts to "rip-off and deploy" immediately and improve your internal processes, client communication, and delivery.
  • 13 Reports that Matt uses within his practice. New and improved value-adds, complete with links to access PDF copies.
  • A list of the ten most important books every advisor must read.
  • Bonus resources on tax planning courtesy of Retirement Tax Services, led by Steven Jarvis, CPA.

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About The Author

In 2020 Matthew’s firm, Jarvis Financial, ended the year with ~$1.5M in revenue on just shy of $200M of AUM and a 50%+ profit margin (EBOC), all while taking some 250+ ‘free days’ (days when he did not work). While this puts him at the pinnacle of ‘lifestyle firms’, it was a long and hard journey.

Just 10 years prior Jarvis was buried in debt, with a badly struggling practice and a morning routine of trying to figure out how to quit the industry without looking like a failure. Through several turns of fate (including an opportunity to be coached by one of the industry’s most successful advisors, Tom Gau), Jarvis clawed his way from near failure to the top of the industry. Today, in addition to running his ‘incredibly profitable and successful’ practice, Jarvis teaches other advisors how to duplicate his own success in their practice.

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